GCU vs. Big Banks

KevinGWhen did sacrificing customer service for more profits become the new normal?  Try this, go to the nearest branch of a big bank; will you be greeted with a smile?  Will anyone there know your name?  Will you feel they have your best interest in mind?

Sadly these days, the answer to all of these questions seems to be a resounding NO.  At GCU, we think it’s time to say YES again.

YES, we will provide you all the modern conveniences that you need, and still provide you with phenomenal service.

YES, we want to have a relationship with you and your family and help in any way that we can.

YES, we have your best interests in mind, because we know that helping our members comes before anything else.

One of the few reasons people will stay with one of the big banks is convenience, they have the resources to provide them with all of the modern technology that we need in our busy lives. The C in GCU might as well stand for convenience, because every day we are trying to make our member’s lives easier. Let’s start with our online banking, our members can view their account balances, view previous transactions and statements, pay their bills, and make transfers between their accounts. GCU also has a webpage specifically for mobile users, as well as the Guardian Line, which is a 24-hour telephone teller.  In addition, GCU also has a mobile app for our members on the go.

Being a member at GCU means that you have a say in what we do.  That’s because we are a not-for-profit, member owned, financial cooperative, dedicated to being your primary financial institution by providing superior, comprehensive, courteous, and prompt services. That’s our mission statement and that’s how we operate.

Being owned by our members, means that we don’t look at you the same way a big bank would.  At a big bank, you are a source of profit, and that is how you are treated.  The purpose of their executives is to make as much money as possible for the company, and this philosophy trickles down to all of their daily operations (fees, higher minimum balances, higher interest rates, etc.).

Whether it be; charging far less fees than a bank, offering several accounts that require no minimum balances, or offering lower interest rates, GCU is here for your advantage. When deciding between financial institutions, hopefully you can see why GCU is better for you than the big banks. At GCU, we know how busy your life is and we hope to be a convenient solution for all your financial needs. We strive to know all of our members, so that we can better assist you in any of the many services that we offer.  At GCU, you aren’t member #111111; you are Tom, Jason, Katie, or Jennifer.  It’s time to feel that someone is looking out for you; it’s time to feel appreciated again.

Stop by GCU today and see what we can do for you.

Written By: Kevin Gosseck – GCU Brander at the Waukesha Branch

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