Welcome our GCU Branders!


Over the years we have had some amazing employees come through our doors, Employees that truly make GCU what it is today! We decided to give some of our employees a chance at helping out the marketing team and showcase what we do in and out of the office. We selected 6 employees who work on the front line to represent Guardian Credit Union in the branches and around the communities at events! I’d like to take the time to introduce our GCU Branders! They each wrote out a small post about themselves so when you see them in the branches please feel free to say Hi! They won’t bite I promise!

AndreaBrezgelAndrea B. – Teller at West Milwaukee for 6 months

What sets Guardian Credit Union apart from other financials you have worked at?

What sets Guardian apart and what is my favorite thing about working here at Guardian is that we’re not just co-workers but we consider ourselves family and a team. If there is a problem or you need help there is always someone willing and available to help you.

What do you do when you aren’t at work?

When I’m not at work some of my favorite activities to do are exploring parks with my son, watching movies with friends and going to new and different types of restaurants. I also enjoying visiting my parents at their house in Shawano.

AshleyTurnerAshley T. – Branch Supervisor at Oak Creek for 2 years

What do you like most about Guardian Credit Union?

What I like most about Guardian Credit Union is its commitment to it’s employees and members. The employee recognition program is awesome for employees and the fact that my voice is heard and I can reward my co-workers is a great perk! Guardian really steps up to the plate when connecting with the community as well as events like parades and kite flying events. I’m proud to be a member and an employee of such a wonderful company.

What do you love doing in the summer time?

I love to go camping. I enjoy being outdoors surrounding by nature and relaxing by the campfire. It’s a great time to reconnect with my family and friends! I also enjoy playing board games, watching movies and reading.

EmmaHerder Emma H. –  Teller at Waukesha for 3 months (a member even longer though)

What do you like most about working for Guardian Credit Union?

As an employee of GCU, I truly appreciate the people I’m involved with the most – whether it’s co-workers or members. My job becomes less work and more fun because of who I am around and what we do! I really look forward to the experiences and knowledge I am exposed to everyday!

What is your favorite activity to do in the summertime?

When it comes to summer, there isn’t much that I don’t love…but what I like to do the most is go to the Wisconsin State Fair! The best part is definitely the food! I also love art, fashion, watching movies with good company and reading!

Rheanna H. – Teller at South Milwaukee for 1 year and 6 months

What do you like most about working for Guardian Credit Union?

I like that GCU gives back to my community. Some events we do for the community are Seasons of Giving, Guardian Cares and Dollars-for-Scholars. Over the time I have worked here I have seen an enormous effort to try and show our community that we truly care about them. I believe it is what makes us stand out from other credit unions. I enjoy coming to work because I have grown to know many of our members and we are always welcome to new ones!

What is your favorite activity to do in the summertime?

My favorite activity to do is to spend time down by the lake by 7 bridges. I don’t get down there very often but when I do I feel relaxed and I am able to reflect on anything going on in my day to day life. I also like to attend a number of events that GCU does for South Milwaukee in the summer. I love checking out Evening on the Ave., Dinner and a Movie and the Heritage Parade.

JericaFehrJerica F – Teller at the West Allis for 1 year 

What do you like most about working for Guardian Credit Union?

We all enjoy what we do, care about each other, and care about our member. I’ve seen employees go out of their way to help members. It is important to work with a staff that is as committed to what you do and treats each other with that same respect.

What is your favorite activity to do in the summertime?

My favorite activity to do in Milwaukee is head the to Wisconsin State Fair! I love the State Fair because, it is like a combination of all the festivals in one. It’s like being a big kid all over again! I like to make sure I get on all the rides, eat a jumbo turkey leg and enjoy a cold Milwaukee brew! I have not ever tried a Cream Puff though, sadly the line is always so long. Hopefully, I’ll get around to trying on this year!

TylerCalligaroTyler C – Branch Supervisor at Menomonee Falls for 2 months

What do you like most about working for Guardian Credit Union?

The members and my great co-workers! I am very excited to be apart of the Guardian team!

What is your favorite activity to do in the summertime?

Since I have lived in South Eastern Wisconsin my whole life I know a thing or two about the surrounding area! I really enjoy the amazing nature that Wisconsin can offer the part of the year. Whether I’m going out to the lake or taking a nice hike those all contribute to what I enjoy about Wisconsin during the summertime!

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