Attention First Time Home Buyers!

Handing Over the House Keys in Front of Sold New Home Against a Blue Sky

Do you know someone who is looking to buy their first home? They, most likely, feel overwhelmed and probably slightly nervous about making this big commitment. These feelings are not surprising when you take into account each and every aspect one needs to be diligent about when thinking about buying a new home. Finding a reliable realtor, getting a mortgage, making sure there’s enough money saved, making sure there will be enough money coming in, and these are just some of the aspects related to buying a house- we haven’t even gotten into the worries about the house itself!

Here at GCU, we understand this struggle as many of us have been through it ourselves! We make it our goal to make the home-buying process as least intimidating and scary as possible! We want the first home buying experience to be easy and enjoyable. That is why we offer a first time home buying special!

We work with first time home buyers to ensure we find the best loan option for their unique situation! We want all of our first time home buyers to be successful and to land the home of their dreams with a loan option that works for them! This means that we individually assess each applicants unique situation, compare loan options and combinations, and work with our applicants to pick the best option that will fit into their lives!

We are dedicated to our first time home-buyers. That is why we ensure that first time home buyers pay only $599 for closing costs! We also offer FREE appraisals, credit checks, flood checks, recording, title insurance, and settlements! All you need to do is schedule an appointment!

For more information or to make an appointment, check out our Mortgage Team today!

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