Have you heard the buzz?

Buzz Points BannerDid you know that by registering your card with Buzz Points as a  GCU member, you can earn points every time you use your debit card? Plus, you can get BONUS points for shopping at locally owned businesses?

The points gathered can then be redeemed for gift cards or can be donated to a local charity. Yeah, it’s a pretty sweet deal and we want to make sure all of our members are aware of it.

Here at GCU, we love Buzz Points because it builds a stronger Milwaukee community by encouraging members to choose local businesses over national chains. This keeps more consumer dollars in the community and helps to strengthen and grow the Milwaukee economy and community.

We know that the Milwaukee community is important to our members and we want to reward you for supporting local businesses and our local economy! By signing up for Buzz Points, our members can watch their purchases rack up points and can see the good they are doing for our local community!

This free feature of your account is easy to activate. Simply go to the following website and complete the form: buzzpoints.com/guardiancu/#signup

Start earning points today!

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