A Spotlight on GCU’s MKE Series Instant Issue Cards

One of the benefits of being a member of GCU is our instant issue cards. These cards make it very simple to make an account and have access to your money- instantly!

With instant issue cards, you receive your card immediately, eliminating the need for temporary cards along with eliminating the 5-10 business day wait to receive your card.

In addition to those great benefits, GCU is excited to introduce a unique feature of our instant issue cards: the MKE Series. When receiving a card, you get to choose from a series of designs showcasing the great city of Milwaukee. These designs highlight the spirit of Milwaukee featuring images of local attractions and teams along with photos from local photographers.

The MKE Series reflects the values of GCU as a local business that is interested in local needs, events, and people. This series is in appreciation, support, and fondness of the GCU and Milwaukee communities and we are excited to share it with our members.

Check out the designs you can choose from and come into any branch to pick up an instant issue card today!


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