Annual Family Kite Fly Festival



Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner, have you figured out what your doing yet? If you are looking for something fun to do with the family, join GCU at the 27th Annual Family Kite Fly Festival at Veterans Park. This event is scheduled for Saturday, May 24th from 10 am to 6 pm and Sunday, May 25th from 10 am- 5 pm.

Stop by the GCU booth for plenty of fun prizes, and make your own change jars! The festival is free and there is plenty of parking. Kites, food, and other items will be sold. The Fast Track Oil Centers Grand Launch of 500 kites will take place at noon. There will also be featured performers including Chicago Fire, The Windjammers, Josh and Zach Gordon, Dan Newman, Paul Koepke, Mike Delfar, Mrs Kite Lady Donna Schenk, and the Giant Kites of Alex and Julie from Montreal, and Jean Lemire. Kick off your spring the right way with this fun festival!


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