Spring Wedding Savings

Spring is in the air, as the weather starts to warm more weddings are being planned. If you are trying to stick to your budget, here are a few-money saving tips for your dream wedding.

1. Guest count- the more people that you invite the more food, drinks, flowers, and a larger space will need to be provided which causes the cost to go up quickly. Also, the more guests you have, the less intimate the wedding will be.

2. Consider a non-traditional venue- checking out less expensive facilities such as parks, rooftops, barns, civic gardens, or any offbeat location could potentially save money. Rather than having the reception at a country club or reception hall, opening up your venue opportunity might lead you to somewhere less expensive, and add character to your wedding.

3. Food- serving food such as brunch and lunch will save you more money rather than serving dinner. If you are willing to have a full menu catered, buffets usually cost less per person. Another alternative is hiring a caterer to prepare your favorite dishes, and assign side dishes to those willing to help.

4. The Dress- check out the sample sales.  Sample bridal dresses are the dresses that brides view and try on in the salon. They can be styles from current or previous selling seasons and usually come in all sizes. When going to designer sample sales you can get amazing discounts on designer dresses. 

5. Music-  appointing a family member or friend to DJ and announce the highlights of the reception will help you save. This will help you personalize your wedding with the music you want to hear, simply connect your playlist to the sound system at the reception.

6. The Date- steer clear of Saturday night. Consider having your wedding on a Friday or Sunday because vendors will give you deals on the off-days. Also, having your wedding during the off-season (November- March) will help you save.

7. Flowers- use flowers that are in-season to help you cut costs.

8. Gifts- in order to save money, ask friends with specific skills to help you with invitations, photography, or possibly cooking. This could potentially be their wedding present to you and it would help you greatly.

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